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The town of Pomorie (about 14,500 inhabitants) is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula. It is located 20 km away from Bourgas and 18 km from Sunny Beach. The town was founded in IV near the salty lake called by the ancient Thracians „sacred“ because of its medicinal properties.

The climatic conditions are extremely favorable:
plenty of sunshine hours – up to 2360 hours in a year, the average July temperature is 23.6 C and the water winds (breezes), which alternate
consistently blow from sea to land and from land to sea, rhythmically freshen the air. In the morning before sunrise, the air rich in oxygen, negative ions and iodine, which separates the gaseous state of the algae. Due to the slow cooling of the sea water is warm and long autumn. The average temperature in the autumn of 20.5 C.
Snowfall is minimal. Snow is not delayed more than 5-7 days. In mid-October to early March, the warm sea air support. The average temperature in the spring of 14 C.
These climatic parameters, allows to use the resort with rannoy spring to late fall for heliotherapy and sea-treatment, and a fruit and vegetable belt that surrounds Pomorie (17.2 million sq ft of vineyards, 2.2 million sq ft of fruit and a 800,000 sq ft vegetable gardens ) provide the resort abundance of fruit and vegetables.
Categorically proven that the quality of the Pomorie firth mud, which is seeking a salt lake is one of the high class in the world. In modernity Sanatorium successfully treated diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological, hirurgichiskie and traumatic, skin, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, non-specific diseases of Respiratory organs, heart, liver, etc.
In the seaside resort of Pomorie Table for living, covered with sand, with a completely open horizon to the east and the west, from the north zaschischenenny Stara Planina. The beach strip with an area of ​​18700 square meters, about 7 km long and covered with sand, bototym iron surrounds the Pomorie Bay. Here the concept of „away from the beach and the sea“ does not exist, because they are part of the urban living environment, which gave her an exceptionally attractive. Breakwaters outside swimming zones deflect cold currents. Sea shore with Flat tiles down without reefs and cold currents safe for swimming.